Pericaryon see perikaryon

pericentric inversion An inversion that includes the centromere.

perichaetine a. [Gr. peri, around; chaite, mane] (ANN: Oli-gochaeta) Referring to setal location, when there is more than 8 per segment, encircling a segment; perichaetal condition.

perideltidium n.; pl. -ia [Gr. peri, around; dim. delta, ] (BRACHIO) One of a pair of raised triangular areas on either side of the pseudodeltidium with both striae and growth lines. perideltidial a.

periderm n. [Gr. peri, around; derma, skin] (CNID: Hydrozoa) A hydroid perisarc.

perienteric a. [Gr. peri, around; enteron, gut] Surrounding the alimentary tract.

periflagellar membrane (PORIF) A membrane between choa-nocyte collar tentacles and the apical flagellum.

perigastric a. [Gr. peri, around; gaster, stomach] Surrounding the visera.

perignathic girdle (ECHINOD: Echinoidea) A calcareous ridge on the inner side of the peristomal edge of the test that serves as the attachment for the muscles of the masticatory apparatus.

perihemal a. [Gr. peri, around; haima, blood] (ECHINOD) Various tubular coelomic sinuses that form channels of the he-mal system.

perikaryon, pericaryon n.; pl. -karya [Gr. peri, around; karyon, nucleus] The portion of the cell that contains the nucleus.

perilemma n.; pl. -ae [Gr. peri, around; lemma, bark] (AR-THRO) A layer of glial cells beneath the fibrous neurilemma glanglia.

perilymph n. [Gr. peri, around; L. lympha, water] (MOLL: Cephalopoda) In Octopodidae, the liquid that fills the outer sac of the statocyst.

perimetrical attachment organ (BRYO: Stenolaemata) Collarlike membrane attached to the tentacle sheath and to both the outer end of the membranous sac and skeletal body wall.

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