Pharynx of Leisblein see esophageal bulb

phasic castration Pertaining to individuals in which the go-nads are inhibited in development due to seasonal or onto-genetic conditions. see alimentary castration, nutricial castration.

phasic muscle (MOLL: Bivalvia) In oysters, the fast muscle; adductor muscle that reacts quickly but does not endure.

phasma n.; pl. -ata [Gr. phasma, apparition] (NEMATA: Adeno-phorea) Phasmid-like areas on the tails of some Desmo-scolecida; tiny canals lead away from these structures, but no phasmidial gland has been found.

phasmid n. [Gr. phasma, apparition; edios, like] (NEMATA) One of a pair of lateral caudal pores (sensilla) connecting with a glandular pouch that alledgedly functions as a chemore-ceptor. see scutellum.

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