Phena pl of phenon

phene n. [Gr. phainein, to appear] A genetically controlled phenotypic character.

phenetic classification A classification based on phenotypes rather than evolution from a common ancestor.

pheneticist see numerical phenetics phenetic ranking Ranking into categories according to degree of overall similarity.

phengophil a. [Gr. phengos, light; philos, loving] Preferring light.

phengophobe a. [Gr. phengos, light; phobos, fear] Shunning light.

phenogram n. [Gr. phainein, to appear; gramme, mark] A diagram showing degree of similarity among taxa.

phenology n. [Gr. phainein, to appear; logos, discourse] A branch of science concerned with periodic biotic events such as flowering, breeding and migration.

phenome n. [Gr. phainein, to appear] The phenotypic characters of an organism.

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