Phoresy see phoresis

phoretic host One partner in a phoretic relationship; an organism that transports another microorganism to which it is nonsusceptible; a transport host; a mechanical vector.

phoretomorph n. [Gr. phoretos, carried; morphe, form] (ARTHRO: Chelicerata) In mites, forms adapted especially for phoretic transport.

Phoronida, phoronids n.; [L. Phoronis, surname of Io] Phylum or class of the phylum Lophophorata; marine, en-terocoelic coelomates, free-living in secreted chitinous, cylindrical tubes.

phoront n. [Gr. phoretos, carry] Any organism mechanically conveyed by another organism. see phoresis.

phospholipids [Gr. phosphoros, light bringer; lipos, fat] Lipids containing phosphorus and nitrogen, found in all cells.

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