Phosphorescent see bioluminescence

photic zone Surface waters penetrated by light. see aphotic zone.

photochemical a. [Gr. phos, light; chemeia, infusion] Pertaining to any chemical reaction produced by exposure to light.

photogenic a. [Gr. phos, light; genes, born] Light producing; luminescent.

photokinesis n. [Gr. phos, light; kinesis, movement] A kinesis in response to stimulation by visual cognizance.

photophil n. [Gr. phos, light; philos, loving] Light-loving. see phengophil.

photophobic, photophobe a. [Gr. phos, light; phobos, fear] Shunning or avoiding light. see lucifugous, lucipetal, phengophobe.

photophobotaxis n. [Gr. phos, light; phobos, fear; taxis, arrangement] Movement involved in the avoidance of light; negative tropism.

photophore n. [Gr. phos, light; pherein, to bear] A light producing organ of certain marine Hydrozoa, Crustacea and Cephalopoda.

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