Plantella see empodium

plantula n.; pl. -lae [L. plantula, small sole] (ARTHRO: Insecta) A pad-like sole on the underside of the tarsal segment. see pulvillus.

planula n.; pl. -lae [L. planus, flat] (CNID) A free-swimming ciliated larva, cylindrical to ovoid with two cell layers (ectoderm and endoderm).

plaques n. [F. plaque, plate] 1. (NEMATA) Cuticular "warts". 2. (POGON) Small scales of cuticle on the trunk papillae.

plasma n. [Gr. plasma, formed or molded] The fluid portion of blood or lymph.

plasmagene n. [Gr. plasma, formed or molded; gennaein, to produce] A genetic factor located in the cytoplasm, rather than in the nucleus; a plasmid; a plane.

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