Plica vannalis see vannal fold

pliciform a. [L. plicare, to fold; forma, shape] Having a plaitlike form.

ploidy n. [Gr. aploos, onefold; edios, like] A term referring to the number of chromosome sets.

plumbeous a. [L. plumbum, lead] Lead-colored.

plume n. [L. pluma, feather] Feather-like structures. plumate a.

plumicome n. [L. pluma, feather; coma, hair] (PORIF) A spicule with plume-like tufts.

plumoreticulate skeleton (porif) A type of skeletal construction having fibers or spicule tracts diverge in plumose fashion, still retaining cross-connections. see plumose skeleton.

plumose a. [L. pluma, feather] Having fine processes on opposite sides; feather-like.

plumose skeleton (PORIF) A type of skeletal construction having diverging fibers or spicule tracts showing few if any cross-connections. see plumoreticulate skeleton.

plurilocular a. [L. plus, more; loculus, little place] With 2 or more loculi or compartments; multilocular.

plurinuclear a. [L. plus, more; nuclear, kernal] Having many nuclei present, as in syncytium.

pluriseptate n. [L. plus, more; septum, partition] With multiple septa.

pluteus larva, dipluerula (ECHINOD) A free-swimming, bilaterally symmetrical larva of the echinoderm classes Ophiur-oidea and Echinoidea, characterized by the cilia extending onto arms projecting from body.

plyopod n. [Gr. plynos, basin; pous, foot] (ARTHRO: Crustacea)

In Gnathiidea Isopoda, the first thoracopod of the male; it may be flattened and cover the buccal cavity or in juveniles be shaped as a hook.

pneumatization n. [Gr. pneuma, air] (ARTHRO: Insecta) A process completed in an embryonic tracheal system when liquid is replaced by gas. pneumatized a.

pneumatized a. [Gr. pneuma, air] Having air cavities.

pneumatocodon n. [Gr. pneuma, air; kodon, bell] (CNID: Hy-drozoa) In Siphonophora, the external wall of a float.

pneumatophore n. [Gr. pneuma, air; phoreus, bearer] (CNID: Hydrozoa) In Siphonophora, a muscular organ that possesses a gas secreting gland and functions as an air sac float of a colony.

pneumatosaccus n. [Gr. pneuma, air; sakkos, sac] (CNID: Hydrozoa) In Siphonophora, an air sac; an internal subum-brellan wall.

pneumostome n. [Gr. pneuma, air; stoma, mouth] (MOLL: Gastropoda) A pore connecting the pulmonate lungs with the exterior.

pneumotaxis n. [Gr. pneuma, air; taxis, arrangement] A reaction to gases, particularly carbon dioxide.

poculiform a. [L. poculum, cup; forma, shape] Cup-shaped; goblet-shaped.

pod n. [ME. pod, bag] (ARTHRO: Insecta) Eggs cemented together in a mass, particularly in Orthoptera.

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