Polygyral see multispiral

polyhaline a. [Gr. polys, many; hals, sea] Pertaining to brackish water of a wide range of salinities; 16 to 30 parts per thousand.

polyhedron n.; pl. -dra [Gr. polys, many; hedros, side] Many-sided; many angled; a solid having many faces. polyhedral a.

polykaric a. [Gr. polys, many; karyon, nut] Multinucleate.

polylectic a. [Gr. polys, many; lektos, chosen] (ARTHRO: In-secta) In Hymenoptera, species of bees that take pollen from a wide variety of plants.

polyloculate a. [Gr. polys, many; L. loculus, small room] (ANN: Oligochaeta) Having several seminal chambers in the spermathecal diverticulum.

polymer n. [Gr. polys, many; meros, part] A large molecule made up of several to many smaller units called monomers.

polymeric a. [Gr. polys, many; meros, part] Gene interaction in which genes of equivalent effect intensify each others effect.

polymerization n. [Gr. polys, many; meros, part] Formation of polymers from monomers.

polymorph n. [Gr. polys, many; morphos, shape] 1. An individual within a species exhibiting a change in shape, color or structure. 2. (BRYO) A zooid that differs from feeding zo-oids of the same stage of development; specialized zooid.

polymorphic, polymorphous a. [Gr. polys, many; morphe, form] Having many forms or types of structure in the same species.

polymorphism n. [Gr. polys, many; morphe, form] 1. The simultaneous occurrence of two or more distinctive and discontinuous genetic types existing in a population. 2. (AR-THRO: Insecta) In social insects, the coexistence of two or more phases or castes, belonging to the same sex, within an individual colony. a. In Formicidae, the occurrence of nonisometric growth of size variation in a normal mature colony, thus producing individuals of distinctly varying proportions. 3. (BRYO) Repeated, discontinuous variation in zooid morphology in a colony.

polymyarian n. [Gr. polys, many; mys, muscle] (NEMATA)

Muscle arrangement in which there are many cells between adjacent hypodermal cords. polymyarial a. see mero-myarian.

polynemic a. [Gr. polys, many; nema, thread] Chromosomes with a primarily multistranded structure, not the result of endoreduplication.

polyp n. [Gr. polys, many; pous, foot] (CNID) Any colonial or solitary attached individual.

polypalmate a. [Gr. polys, many; palma, palm] (BRACHIO) A mantle canal system with more than 4 principal canals in each mantle.

polypary n.; pl. -ies [Gr. polys, many; pario, to beget] (CNID: Hydrozoa) Structure/tissues in which the polyps of corals and other compound forms are embedded; polypidom; polyparium.

polyphagous a. [Gr. polys, many; phagein, to eat] Feeding on many kinds of food. polyphagia n.

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