Polypidom see polypary

Polyplacophora, polyplacophoran n. [Gr. polys, many; plax, tablet; phora, producing] A class of free-living mollusks commonly referred to as chitons or coat-of-mail shells; distinguished by having a shell with 8 dorsal calcareous plates that overlap each other; in some classifications listed as the class Amphineura.

polyploid a. [Gr. polys, many; aploos, onefold] Referring to an individual having more than two sets of chromosomes. see chromosome.

polyploidy n. [Gr. polys, many; aploos, onefold] A condition in which the chromosome sets in the nucleus are a multiple of the normal diploid number.

polypneustic a. [Gr. polys, many; pneustikos, of breathing] (ARTHRO: Insecta) Having at least 8 functional spiracles on each side, including the holopneustic, peripneustic, hemip-neustic.

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