Probofossa see premental gutter

probolae [Gr. probolos, any projecting prominence] (NEMATA) Ornate cuticular structures often fringed and/or branched, of the labial or cephalic region.

proboscides [Gr. pro, before; proboskis, trunk] (PLATY: Cestoda) Four long, tentacle-like, retractable structures with rows of hooks in the order Trypanorhyncha.

proboscidial fossa (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Hymenoptera, the deep groove on the under side of the head of bees, in which the proboscis is folded in repose.

proboscipedia n. [Gr. proboskis, trunk; L. pes, foot] (ARTHRO: Insecta) The anomaly of a labellum maturing as a leg.

proboscis n.; pl. proboscises [Gr. proboskis, trunk] 1. Any extended trunk or beaklike sucking mouth parts of numerous invertebrates, as of leeches, planarians, dipteran insects, nemertine worms, acanthacephalans, annelids and mollusks. 2. (ECHI) Muscular food gathering and respiratory organ extending from the trunk near the mouth.

proboscis bulb (PLATY: Cestoda) In Tranypanorhyncha, mus cular end of the proboscis sheath that causes the proboscides to evert.

proboscis pore (NEMER) An aperture through which the proboscis is everted; the rhynchostome.

proboscis sheath (PLATY: Cestoda) In Trypanorhyncha, a tube into which the proboscides maybe retracted.

proboscis worm The Nemertea, also called ribbon-worms.

probursal a. [L. pro, before; bursa, purse] (PLATY: Turbellaria) In Tricladida, having the bursal stalk long and arching anteriorly over the penis, so that the bursa lies anterior to the penis. see retrobursal.

procephalic lobes (ARTHRO: Insecta) In embryology of the cephalic region, expansion of the neural ridges forming the future brain and divided into three neuromeres, known as proto-, deuto- and tritocerebrum; procephalon.

procercoid n. [Gr. pro, before; kerkos, tail; eidos, like] (PLATY: Cestoda) The metacestode developing from the onco-sphere, containing a body proper and caudal vestige of the oncosphere, the cercomere. see neotenic procercoid.

process n.; pl. processes [L. processus, proceed] A marked prominence, projecting part, or outgrowth.

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