Protective zooid or polyp see dactylozooid tentaculozooid

protegulal node (brachio) The apical area of the adult shell; site of protegulum and further growth to brephic stage.

protegulum n. [L. pro, before; tegulum, roof] (BRACHIO) The embryonic shell of organic material secreted simultaneously by both mantles.

proteiform a. [Gr. Proteus, changing god; L. forma, shape] Assuming different forms; variable.

proteins [Gr. proteion, primary] Complex organic compounds of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen and often other elements, yielding amino acids by hydrolysis; essential in cells of all plants and animals.

protelattosis n. [Gr. protos, first; elatton, smaller] (ARTHRO: Chelicerata) In Acari, regression of the first instar, particularly regarding elattostase and calyptostase.

protelean parasite A parasitic organism during larval or juvenile stages and free-living as adult.

protentomon n. [Gr. protos, first; entoma, insect] (ARTHRO: Insecta) A hypothetical organism suggested as the ancestral form of winged insects. see protamphibion.

proteolytic a. [Gr. proteios, primary; lysis, a loosing] Proteinsplitting.

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