Pseudogiant fiber see giant fiber

pseudogyne n. [Gr. pseudos, false; gyne, woman] (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Hymenoptera, a defective ant, characterized by having a female thorax with the stature, gaster and head of the worker, thought to result from having parasitic beetles in their colony.

pseudohalteres [Gr. pseudos, false; halter, balancer] (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Strepsiptera (stylopids), the anterior wings represented by small club-like processes that function like the halteres of Diptera.

pseudoheart n. [Gr. pseudos, false; A.S. heorte, heart] 1. (ANN) see commissural vessels. 2. (echinod) The axial gland.

pseudointerarea n. [Gr. pseudos, false; inter, between; area, space] (BRACHlO:Inarticulata) Flattened posterior part of the shell, secreted by posterior part of the mantle, not fused with opposite valve.

pseudolabia n. [Gr. pseudos, false; L. labium, lip] (nemata) In Spirurida, cuticular outgrowths arising around the oral opening.

pseudolateral a. [Gr. pseudos, false; L. latus, side] (moll) The false lateral teeth; lateral tooth close to the beak.

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