Pseudosematic see sematic

pseudoserosa n. [Gr. pseudos, false; L. serum, whey] In embryology, membrane formed during splitting of the blastoderm in the morula stage.

pseudosessile a. [Gr. pseudos, false; sessum, sitting] (ar-THRO: Insecta) In Hymenoptera, appearing sessile due to having the abdomen usually basally constricted and its first segment fused with the metathorax.

pseudosiphon n. [Gr. pseudos, false; siphon, tube] (MOLL: Bi-valvia) In oysters, two opposing mantle edges that form a hole which is not functional.

pseudospherule n. [Gr. pseudos, false; dim. sphaira, ball] (CNID: Anthozoa) In Actinaria, a vesicle at the margin, often with an aperture containing basitrichous isorhiza.

pseudospondylium n. [Gr. pseudos, false; spondylos, joint] (brachio) A cup-shaped chamber accommodating the ventral muscle field, contained between dental plates.

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