Quick muscle see phasic muscle

quiescence n. [L. quiescere, to become quiet] A condition of temporary cessation of development, or other activity, during which the animal requires little nourishment, but shows exterior signs of life; directly referable to environmental conditions.

quiescent a. [L. quiescere, to become quiet] 1. To become quiet. 2. (ARTHRO: Insecta) Applied to biological inactivity or prepupae and pupae with complete metamorphosis.

quincunx n.; pl. -xes [L. quincunx, arranged in diagonal rows, five-twelfths] 1. An arrangement of five things in a square, having one in each corner and one in the center. 2. (ANN)

Setaceous pattern. 3. (BRYO) Arrangement pattern of zo-oids. quincuncial a.

quinone biochrome (ARTHRO: Insecta) Quinone pigments: anthraquinones formed from the condensation of three benzene rings, and aphins, with a nucleus of seven condensed benzene rings. see cochineal.

quinones n.pl. [Ab.Am. quinine, bark of barks] 1. Various compounds formed from benzene and functioning in biological oxidation-reduction systems. 2. A hydrogen acceptor utilized in physiological experimentation.

quinquedentate a. [L. quinque, five; dens, tooth] Having 5 teeth.

quinquefarious a. [L. quinque, five; farius, fold] Arranged in five rows, ranks, or columns.

quinquelocular a. [L. quinque, five; loculus, cell] Consisting of 5 cells, or 5 loculi.

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