Rhabditoid bursa see bursa

rhabditoid larva (NEMATA) A bacterial feeding larva among free-living or parasitoid forms, in which the esophagus is divided into corpus, isthmus and a posterior valved bulb.

rhabdocrepid a. [Gr. rhabdos, rod; krepis, boot] (PORIF) A desma deposited on a diactinal monaxon.

rhabdoid n. [Gr. rhabdos, rod; eidos, like] 1. Rod-like; any rod-shaped body. 2. (CNID) Nematocysts that open at the tip with a definite cylindrical hempe. 3. (PLATY: Turbellaria) A group of epidermal and subepidermal inclusions (rhab-dites, rhammites, and chondrocysts), consisting of a ridged hull filled with a semifluid material.

rhabdom n. [Gr. rhabdos, rod] (ARTHRO) A rodlike light-sensitive structure formed by rhabdomeres in the ommatidium of a compound eye.

rhabdome n. [Gr. rhabdos, rod] (PORIF) A greatly elongated ray of a tetraxon spicule.

rhabdomere n. [Gr. rhabdos, rod; meros, part] (ARTHRO) The receptive area of a retina cell.

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