Ropalocercous cercaria see rhopalocercous cercaria

rosaceous a. [L. rosa, rose] Having a quality of a rose, such as color or scent.

rosette plate (BRYO: Gymnolaemata) In Cheilostomata, multi-porous, subcuticular area in the verticle walls for passage of fibers between zooids; multiporous septulum.

rosettes [L. dim. rosa, rose] 1. A process resembling a rose in shape, applied to organs or markings of many invertebrates. 2. (BRYO) The clubbed-shaped cells of the funicular system (communication organs). 3. (ECHINOD) Five large ossicles that maintain the shape and width of the suckers on the tube feet; pellions. 4. (NEMATA) Patterns of cuticle surrounding the genital papillae; the uvette of the Demanian vessels. 5. (platy: Cestoda) In Monogenea, elaborately fringed lips on the suckers.

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