Rudimentary posterior uterine branch see postuterine sac

ruffles [ME. ruffeln] (MESO: Rhombozoa) In Dicyemida, slender projections of the exterior surface.

rufous a. [L. rufus, red] Being reddish, red-yellowish; rufescent.

ruga n. [L. ruga, wrinkle] A wrinkle, fold or crease. rugose a.

rugosissimus a. [L. rugosus, full of wrinkles; -issimus, very]

Being extremely rugose or wrinkled.

rugosity n. [L. rugosus, full of wrinkles] The condition of being rugose or corrugated.

rugula n.; pl. -lae [L. dim. ruga, wrinkle] A small wrinkle.

rugulose a. [L. dim. rugosus, full of wrinkles] Having fine wrinkles.

runcinate a. [L. runcinare, to plane off] Notched; in several transverse acute segments inclined backward.

rutella; sing. rutellum [L. dim. rutrum, shovel] (ARTHRO: Chelicerata) In Acari, paired hypertrophied setae on the subcapitulum, thick, hard and dentate, associated with ingestion of solid food. rutellar a.

rutilous a. [L. rutilus, red, golden red] Of a shining bronze red color.

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