Salivary syringe see salivary pump

saltation n. [L. saltare, to leap] An evolutionary process that proceeds by leaps and bounds through the production of mutants that differ greatly from the progenitor(s). see anamorphosis.

Saltatoria n. [L. saltare, to leap] A name commonly misapplied to grasshoppers, crickets and their allies.

saltatory a. [L. saltare, to leap] Adapted for leaping. see fur-cula.

saltigrade a. [L. saltare, to leap; gradus, step] Leaping movement as in insects and spiders.

sanguine a. [L. sanguis, blood] Having the color of blood.

sanguinivorous a. [L. sanguis, blood; vorare, to devour] Feeding on blood.

sanidasters [Gr. sanidion, small board; aster, star] (PO-RIF) Rod shaped streptasters; a small rod-like spicule with spines at intervals.

sapphirine a. [Gr. sappheiros, sapphire] Sapphire blue.

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