Saprobe see saprobiont

saprobic a. [Gr. sapros, rotten] Living on decaying organic matter.

saprobiont n. [Gr. sapros, rotten; bios, life] Living in an environment rich in decaying organic matter and low in oxygen. saprobiotic a.

saprophagous a. [Gr. sapros, rotten; phagein, to eat] Feeding on dead or decaying animal or plant materials.

saprophyte n. [Gr. sapros, rotten; phyton, plant] A plant that lives on dead and decaying organic matter; sometimes incorrectly extended to include animals as well as plants. saprophytic a. see saprozite.

saprozoic nutrition 1. Feeding on decaying organic matter. 2. Deriving sustenance by absorption of dissolved salts and simple organic nutrients from surrounding medium.

saprozoite n. [Gr. sapros, rotten; zoon, animal] An animal that lives on dead or decaying organic matter. see saprophyte.

sarcobelum n. [Gr. sarx, flesh; belos, sting] (MOLL: Gastropoda) In Pulmonata, a glandular node projecting into the prepuce from the junction of the penis sheath and propuce.

sarcode n. [Gr. sarx, flesh] Protoplasm.

sarcolemma n. [Gr. sarx, flesh; lemma, covering] An outer membrane enclosing the nucleated sarcoplasm in which the muscle fibers are embedded.

sarcolysis n. [Gr. sarx, flesh; lyein, to loosen] Phagocytosis of muscles.

sarcolyte n. [Gr. sarx, flesh; lytos, broken] (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Diptera, spherical bodies filled with muscle fragments in the blood of the pupae during metamorphosis.

sarcomere n. [Gr. sarx, flesh; meros, part] Any one of a series of units occurring at regular intervals along a muscle fiber, each unit encompasses the actin and myosin filaments; in most invertebrates each sarcomere is set-off by Z discs. sarcomeric a. see I-bands, T-tubule.

sarcophagous a. [Gr. sarx, flesh; phagein, to eat] Feeding on flesh.

sarcoplasm n. [Gr. sarx, flesh; plasma, formed or molded] The undifferentiated protoplasm of a muscle cell; between the myofibrils.

sarcoplasmic reticulum Endoplasmic reticulum in striated muscle fibers; surrounding the myofibrils.

sarcosomes n. [Gr. sarx, flesh; soma, body] Former name for mitochondria in muscle cells.

sarcostyle n. [Gr. sarx, flesh; stylos, pillar] (CNID: Hydrozoa) The dactylozooid on a column; nematophore.

sarcotheca n. [Gr. sarx, flesh; theke, case] (CNID: Hydrozoa) The sheath of a sarcostyle; nematotheca.

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