Scent pore see ostiole

scent scales (ARTHRO: Insecta) Scales distinguished from clothing scales by their extreme length, sometimes called hairs. see androconia.

sceptrules n. [Gr. dim. skeptron, royal staff] (PORIF: Sclero-spongiae) Microscleric monactinal triaxonic spicules that include clavules with terminal umbels or smooth heads.

schemochrome n. [Gr. schema, shape; chroma, color] (ARTHRO: Insecta) Colors produced by physical or structural surfaces, devoid of pigment, as the iridescent colors of a butterfly wing. see biochrome.

schistosomula n.; pl. -lae [Gr. schizein, split; dim. soma, body] (platy: Trematoda) In Schistostomatidae, the postpenetration stage in the vertebrate definitive host; the juvenile stage between a cercaria and an adult.

schizeckenosy n. [Gr. schizien, to split; eckenos, empty out] (ARTHRO: Chelicerata) In Acari, a system of waste elimination with blindly ending midgut by a lobe from the ven-triculus breaking free and being expelled though a split in the posterodorsal cuticle.

schizochroal n. [Gr. schizien, to split; chroa, superficial appearance] (ARTHRO: Trilobita) Bound isolated lenses that form around semicircular facets. see holochroal.

schizocoel, schizocele n. [Gr. schizein, to split; koilos, hollow] A coelomic cavity formed from the splitting of the mesodermal band or plate.

schizodont a. [Gr. schizein, to split; odous, tooth] (MOLL: Bi-valvia) With a two cusped-tooth.

schizogamy n. [Gr. schizein, to split; gamos, marriage] (ANN: Polychaeta) Fission into a sexual and an asexual individual.

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