Sclerification see sclerotization

sclerite n. [Gr. skleros, hard] 1. (ARTHRO) Any sclerotized area of cuticle limited by suture lines or flexible, membranous portions of cuticle. 2. (BRYO) A thickened line in the operculum, mandible or frontal membrane. 3. (CNID) A calcareous skeletal member of the mesogloea.

scleritization n. [Gr. skleros, hard; facere, to make] (ARTHRO: Insecta) The formation of sclerites.

scleroblasts [Gr. skleros, hard; blastos, bud] (PORIF) Special amoebocytes in sponges responsible for secreting the skeleton; consisting either of spicules, fibers of spongin or both.

sclerocyte n. [Gr. skleros, hard; kytos, container] (PORIF) Cells that secrete spicules.

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