Scyphomedusae see Scyphozoa

Scyphozoa, scyphozoans n.; [Gr. scyphos, cup; zoon, animal] An exclusively marine class in the Phylum Cnidaria, in which the medusoid stage predominates having 8 notches in the margin of the bell; jellyfishes.

sealing bar (ARTHRO: Insecta) In eggs, a structure formed from a thin layer of resistant endochorion and a thick amber layer that joins the cap to the rest of the chorion.

seam n. [A.S. seam] A visible line of juncture between parts; a suture.

seam cells (NEMATA) The central cell row in the lateral chords that have no membranous extension beneath the cuticle.

sebaceous a. [L. sebaceus, tallow] Pertaining to secretion, or composed of oily or fatty substances.

sebific duct/gland Tubes of the collaterial glands.

Secernentea, secereneteans n.; [L. secernere, to separate] One of the two major classes of the Phylum Nemata, including most of the plant- and animal-parasitic nematodes; formerly Phasmidia. see Adenophorea.

second antennae (ARTHRO: Crustacea) 1. Antennae of the second cephalic segment. 2. Antennae of some males are uniramous; two-jointed structures used to clasp females during mating.

secondary fiber (PORIF) A fiber that connects primary fibers and is not oriented to the surface.

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