Second longitudinal vein see second vein

second maxillae 1. (ARTHRO: Chilopoda) The fourth pair of head appendages. 2. (ARTHRO: Crustacea) The fifth and last pair of head appendages. 3. (ARTHRO: Insecta) The third pair of gnathal appendages; united in the labium.

second trochanter (arthro) The second segment of the leg; prefemur; ischiopodite.

second valvifers (ARTHRO: Insecta) In the ovipositor, a basal pair of lobes or oblong plates supporting the base of the second valvulae.

second valvulae (ARTHRO: Insecta) In the ovipositor, a dorsal elongate pair of processes, uniting to form the sting sheath enclosing the 1st valvulae.

second vein (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Diptera, when present, lying immediately behind the subcostal vein, always united with the radial sector vein.

secretion n. [L. secretio, separation] A substance or fluid produced in the body by a cell or gland; the passage of this substance to the outside of the cell or gland. secretory a.

secretory granules (NEMATA) Proteinaceous granules produced in the salivary (esophageal) glands, then transported anteriorly to the gland ampullae where breakdown occurs; thought to release digestive enzymes to be injected into the food cell during feeding.

section n. [L. sectare, to cut] 1. Pertaining to a subdivision of a taxon or a series of related elements in one portion of a higher taxon. 2. A thin slice of an organism or part of one used for microscopic study.

sectorial cross vein (ARTHRO: Insecta) A cross vein between the two branches of the radial sector.

secund a. [L. secundus, following] Having parts or organs on one side only; pointed one way; unilateral.

secundibracts n. [L. secundus, following; brachium, arm] (ECHINOD: Crinoidea) Brachials between the first and 2nd axillaries; dicostalia.

securiform a. [L. securis, ax; forma, shape] Hatchet-shaped.

sedentary a. [L. sedere, to sit] Remaining in one place; stationary.

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