Seminal ducts see vas deferens

seminal funnel (ANN: Oligochaeta) The internal opening of the vas deferens.

seminal furrows/grooves (ANN) Referring to distinct markings in the epidermis associated with male, or prostatic pores, through which sperm and/or prostatic secretions move at the time of copulation.

seminal receptacle Diverticulum of oviduct or pouch external to the oviduct for storing spermatozoa delivered by the male; receptaculum seminalis. see spermatheca, bursa copulatrix, copulatory pouch, copulatory sac, seminal bursa, spermatheca.

seminal vesicle 1. A male sac-, tube- or pouch-like structure in which spermatozoa is stored before being discharged; seminal reservoir; vesicula seminalis. 2. (ANN) A pouch usually formed in a posterior septum of a testicular segment where the latter stages of spermatogenesis occur.

semination n. [L. semen, seed] Discharge of sperm. see insemination.

semiochemical n. [Gr. semeion, mark or signal; chemeia, transmutation] Chemicals involved in the chemical interactions between individual organisms, subdivided into two major groups, pheromones and allelochemics.

semipupa n. [L. semis, half; pupa, puppet] (ARTHRO: Insecta) In hypermetamorphosis, the interpolated stage between the active larva and the true pupa; the stage preceding pupate; prepupa.

semisocial a. [L. semis, half; scocius, ally] (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Hymenoptera, female bees of the same generation living in a colony with some individuals being primarily egg layers and some primarily workers (auxiliaries).

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