Sexual pore see gonopore

sexual reproduction Reproduction involving the fusion of two cells (gamete nuclei), resulting from meiosis.

sexual zooid (bryo) a. In Gymnolaemata, autozooid in which sex cells develop, may or may not show skeletal modification. b. In Cheilostomata, it may loose the feeding ability.

sexupara n.; pl. -ae [L. sexus, sex; parere, to bear] 1. Production of male and female offspring by parthenogenesis then available for sexual reproduction. 2. (ARTHRO: Insecta) The later generation of parthenogenetic viviparous Aphididae females originating from alienicola.

shaft n. [A.S. sceaft, shaft] The cylindrical part of a limb or structure.

shagreened a. [Turk. saghri, crupper] Having numerous tooth-like projections.

sheath n. [A.S. sceth, shell or pod] A covering enclosing an organism, part or organ.

sheath laminae (BRYO: Stenolaemata) A concentrically enclosed stylet core, continuous with zoarial sheaths, but normally at right angles to them.

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