Sheath of penis see ligula

shell n. [A.S. scell, shell] A hard, rigid, calcareous or chitinous structure covering an animal or part of an animal.

shell fold 1. (ARTHRO: Crustacea) The part of the carapace be hind the cephalon. 2. (MOLL: Bivalvia) The outer fold of the mantle edge that houses the periostracal glands at its base.

shell gland 1. (ARTHRO: Crustacea) see maxillary gland. 2.

(moll) Specialized epithelium that secretes the shell mantle. 3. (PLATY: Trematoda) Mehlis' gland.

shield n. [A.S. scyld, shield] 1. A dorsal cover; carapace; scutellum; scutum; clypeus. 2. (ARTHRO: Crustacea) In De-capoda, the anterior part of the cephalothorax of Paguri-dae. 3. (ARTHRO: Diplopoda) The second tergite. 4. (NEMATA) The interlabium.

shoulder a. [A.S. sculdor, shoulder] 1. Any obtuse angulation. 2. (MOLL: Gastropoda) The angulation of the shell whorls, forming the abaxial edge of the sutural ramp or shelf; shoulder angle.

shovel n. [A.S. scofl, shovel] (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Ephemer-optera, the expanded, flattened leg joints.

sibling species True species populations that are reproduc-tively isolated, but morphologically identical or nearly so; cryptic species.

side n. [A.S. side, side] (MOLL: Gastropoda) The surface of a shell, when present, between the shoulder and abapical suture or margin of the base.

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