Sociotomy see colony fission

socket n. [OF. soket, plowshare] (MOLL: Bivalvia) A cavity in the hinge to receive the tooth of the opposite valve.

sodium pump A mechanism of neurones to move sodium ions out of the cell during the recovery phase.

soft-part polymorph (BRYO: Gymnolaemata) In Cheilosto-mata, a zooid with sexual features, brood chamber, or elongate tentacles to produce exhalant currents with no increased skeletal covering.

soldiers n. [L. solidus, a coin solider's pay] (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Isoptera, members of a worker subcaste specialized for colony defense.

solenia; sing. -ium [Gr. solen, pipe] (CNID: Anthozoa) Endodermal tubes connecting polyps in some colonies.

solenidion n.; pl. -ia [Gr. dim. solen, pipe] (ARTHRO: Chelicer-ata) In Acari, a hollow, microcephalic, pili-, baculi- or claviform, seta-like formation of the tegument with thin walls, and large open roots, on the palp or legs; sense function unknown.

soleniform a. [Gr. solen, pipe; L. forma, form] Shaped like a razor handle.

solenocyte n. [Gr. solen, pipe; kytos, container] Specially modified tubular, ciliated or flagellated cells occurring in protonephridia and nephridia of some invertebrates and lower chordates. a. In protonephridial systems called flame cells or flame bulb; collectively all the flame bulbs, their collecting tubes, 'bladder' when present, and external orifices; present in such invertebrates as: platyhelminths, nemertines, priapulids, rotifers, kinorhynchs, gastrotrichs and some annelids; function uncertain, may be excretory, osmotic pressure regulator or both. b. In nephridial systems of some invertebrates and lower chordates its function is attributed to excretion; structure similar to flame bulb system, but supplied with blood vessels, to help filtration and absorption from blood; archinephridium.

solenomerite n. [Gr. solen, pipe; meros, part] (ARTHRO: Dip-lopoda) In Julida, the tubular part of the opisthomerite with the sperm channel and flagellum channel or groove.

solenophage n. [Gr. solen, pipe; phagein, to feed] (arthro) A blood-feeder whose mouthparts pierce directly into a blood vessel to feed.

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