Spear see stylet

specialization n. [L. specialis, special] An animal or structure that has adapted to a habitat or condition during the course of evolution.

speciation n. [L. species, kind] The division of a phyletic line; the process of species multiplication; the origin of discontinuities between populations resulting from the development of reproductive isolating mechanisms. see allopatry, sympatric speciation.

species n.; sing. & pl. [L. species, kind] A group of interbreeding (or potentially interbreeding) natural populations that are reproductively isolated from other such groups. see subspecies, isolate.

species group A group of closely related species, usually with partially overlapping ranges.

species inquirenda A species of doubtful status due to inadequate description and lack of preserved specimens.

species name 1. A scientific name of a taxon at the rank of species. 2. A binomen, the combination of a generic name and a specific name.

specific character A common feature or structure in all individuals of a species.

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