Specular membrane see mirror

speculum n.; pl. -ula, ums [L. dim. specere, to look at] 1. An ocellus. see eyespots 2. (ARTHRO: Insecta) a. In Lepidop-tera, the brilliant metallic markings, or transparent spots on the wing. b. The thin, delicate membrane of the tym-

panal organ. c. The shiny areas of some caterpillars. d. In ichneumonid Hymenoptera, a slight, polished or sculptured prominence on the upper hind part of the mesepisternum.

sperm n.; pl. & sing. [Gr. sperma, seed] Any male gamete; spermatozoid; spermatozoa.

spermaduct n. [Gr. sperma, seed; L. ducere, to lead] Any duct for carrying sperm; spermiduct; sperm duct; vas deferens.

spermagonium n.; pl. -ia [Gr. sperma, seed; gonos, offspring] (NEMATA) The sperm-producing structure of a di-gonic female.

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