Spermatogonial cyst see sperm cyst

spermatogonium n.; pl. -ia [Gr. sperma, seed; gonos, offspring] The gonads of male animals that give rise to the spermatocytes.

spermatolophis n. [Gr. sperma, seed; lophos, crest] (ARTHRO: Insecta) In certain Thysanura, sperm packets thought to be formed in the nongranular portion of the vas deferens.

spermatophore n. [Gr. sperma, seed; pherein, to bear] A packet or capsule of spermatozoa for transfer from male to female.

spermatophore cup (ARTHRO: Insecta) In some Orthoptera and Neuroptera, a cup-like cavity at the anterior end of the ejaculatory duct; in recent literature called a mold.

spermatophore sac 1. (ARTHRO: Insecta) a. In male Caelifera, the sac into which the gonopore opens. b. For Ensifera see endophallic cavity. 2. (MOLL: Gastropoda) In Prosobran-chia, Neritidae and Phenacolepadidae, a large spermato-phoric sac associated with the vagina. 3. (MOLL: Cephalopoda) A large diverticulum of the male reproductive system functioning in storage for spermatophores.

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