Spicula pl of spiculum

spicular sheath (NEMATA) A conical or tubular extension of the cuticle distally sheathing the spicules beyond the body profile.

spicular muscles (NEMATA) Muscles for the protraction and retraction of the spicules.

spicular pouch (NEMATA) A cuticular lined pouch that contains the spicules and is formed from the spicular primordia.

spicule n. [L. spicula, small spike] 1. Any minute pointed spine or process. 2. (MOLL: Polyplacorphora) The dorsal girdle decorations of various size, shape and frequency. 3. (NEMATA) Blade-like, sclerotized male copulatory organs, usually paired, located immediately dorsad to the cloaca. 4. (porif) An element of the sponge skeleton, composed mainly of silica or calcium carbonate, and rarely spongin.

spicule hair (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Lepidoptera, irritative hair usually formed by one or more trichogen cells; size, shape, internal cell components, and body arrangement are variable. see spine hairs.

spiculiferous a. [L. spicula, small spike; fero, bear] Provided with spicules.

spiculiform a. [L. spicula, small spike; forma, shape] Spicule-shaped.

spiculose a. [L. spicula, small spike] Bearing spicules.

spiculum n.; pl. spicula [L. spicula, small spike] Spicular structures, as the spines of echinoderms and dart of certain snails.

spigots n.pl. [L. spica, spike] (ARTHRO: Chelicerata) In Arach-nida, conical spinning tubes on the spinnerets.

spiked-tail stage (nemata: Secernentea) In Heteroderidae, the pointed tail of the second stage larval cuticle retained during initial expansion of the vermiform body.

spina n.; pl. spinae [L. spina, thorn] 1. A spine. 2. (ARTHRO: Insecta) a. The medium apodemal process of the spi-nasternum. b. The medium apodeme.

spinasternum n. [L. spina, thorn; sternum, breast plate] (ARTHRO: Insecta) An instersegmental sclerite of the thoracic venter bearing a spina, associated with or united with the sternal sclerite immediately anterior to it; the intersternite.

spinate a. [L. spina, thorn] Bearing spines; spiniform.

spination n. [L. spina, thorn] The development or arrangement of spines.

spindle n. [A.S. spinnal, to spin] 1. Fusiform; tapering gradually at both ends. 2. (PORIF) A straight monaxial spicule.

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