Spirignath spiritrompe see galea

spirocyst n. [L. spira, coil; Gr. kystis, bladder] (CNID: Antho-zoa) In Zoantharia, a type of nematocyst with a thin, single-wall capsule that is acidophilic and contains a long, spirally coiled, unarmed thread of uniform diameter. see nematocyst.

spirogyrate a. [L. spira, coil; gyratus, circular] (MOLL: Bival-via) 1. Umbones coiled outward from the saggital plane. 2. In oysters, having the beak in a distinct spiral.

spiroid a. [L. spira, coil] Spiral-shaped.

spirolophe n. [L. spira, coil; Gr. lophos, crest] (BRACHIO) A lophopore with brachia spirally coiled and bearing single rows of paired filamentary appendages.

splanchnic a. [Gr. splanchnon, entrail] Of or pertaining to the viscera.

splanchnic layer (ARTHRO: Insecta) The inner layer of the mesoderm applied to the wall of the alimentary canal; splanchnopleure.

splanchnic nerves (ARTHRO: Insecta) Nerves originating from the last abdominal ganglion and continuing to the hind intestine and the reproductive system.

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