Spoil spoile see exuvia

spondylium n. [Gr. spondylos, vertebra, joint] (BRACHIO) A U-shaped ridge formed by the fusion of the distal ends of the dental plates that accommodate the ventral muscles.

sponge n. [L. spongia, sponge) 1. The common name for the Porifera. 2. (ARTHRO: Crustacea) In Malacostraca, the usually orange egg mass brooded by female crayfish.

spongicolous a. [L. spongia, sponge; colere, to inhabit] Living in sponges.

spongiform a. [L. spongia, sponge; forma, form] Sponge-like; soft and porous.

spongin n. [L. spongia, sponge] (PORIF) Collagenous material of the skeleton formed of homogeneous fibers or plaques.

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