Stem cell see prohemocyte

stemma n.; pl. stemmata, stemmatas [Gr. stemma, garland] (ARTHRO: Insecta) The lateral ocelli of larval holome-tabolous insects that vary in number from one on each side in tenthredinid larvae to 6 on each side in lepidopterous larvae; a simple eye; an ocellus.

stem nematogen (MESO: Rhombozoa) A young nematogen with the same number and arrangement of cells as the larva, but with many agamete cells that give rise to ordinary nematogens.

stenobathic a. [Gr. stenos, narrow; bathys, depth] An organism restricted to a narrow vertical range of movement. see eurybathic.

stenobenthic a. [Gr. stenos, narrow; benthos, depth of the sea] An organism living within a narrow range of depth of the sea bottom. see eurybenthic.

stenocephalous a. [Gr. stenos, narrow; kephalon, head] Having a narrow, elongated head.

stenogamous a. [Gr. stenos, narrow; gamos, union] (ARTHRO: Insecta) Pertaining to Culicidae that require only a small enclosure when mating in captivity. see eurygamous.

stenogastric a. [Gr. stenos, narrow; gaster, stomach] With a shortened abdomen or gaster.

stenoglossate a. [Gr. stenos, narrow; glossa, tongue] (MOLL: Gastropoda) Pertaining to the radula consisting of 1-1-1 or 0-1-0 rows of teeth.

stenohaline a. [Gr. stenos, narrow; halinos, saline] Any or ganism capable of withstanding only slight variations of salinity in its environment; stenosalinity. see euryhaline.

stenohygric a. [Gr. stenos, narrow; hygros, moist] Pertaining to an organism tolerating only a narrow atmospheric humidity range.

Stenolaemata, stenolaemates n.; [Gr. stenos, narrow; laimos, throat] A class of "tubular bryozoans", exclusively marine, with circular lophophores lacking an epistome.

stenomorphic a. [Gr. stenos, narrow; morphe, shape] 1. Genera with limited morphological characters. 2. Dwarfed.

stenonoty n. [Gr. stenos, narrow; notos, back] A small thorax.

stenophagous a. [Gr. stenos, narrow; phagein, to eat] Existing on only a limited variety of foods. see euryphagous, omnivorous.

stenopodium n. [Gr. stenos, narrow; pous, foot] (ARTHRO: Crustacea) Slender, sometimes setose, elongate appendage, composed of rod-like segments.

stenopterous a. [Gr. stenos, narrow; pteron, wing] Having a narrow, complete wing.

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