Stenosaline see stenohaline

stenosis a. [Gr. stenos, narrow] Constriction of vessels, ducts, etc.

stenotele n. [Gr. stenos, narrow; telos, the end] (CNID) A stinging nematocyst; a sprially coiled thread armed with spiral rows of projections that is provided at its distal end with a lid (operculum); a penetrant.

stenothermal a. [Gr. stenos, narrow; therme, heat] Confined to living within a narrow range of temperatures. see eu-rythermal.

stenotopic a. [Gr. stenos, narrow; topos, place] Organisms having a limited geographical distribution or occurring in restricted habitats. see eurytopic.

stenovalent a. [Gr. stenos, narrow; L. valens, strong] An organism restricted to few types of environmental conditions. see euryvalent.

stenoxenous a. [Gr. stenos, narrow; xenos, host] Having a narrow host range.

steppe n. [Russ. step', lowland] Short grass plains, generally treeless.

stercoral a. [L. stercus, dung] 1. Pertaining to excrement. 2. Living in or feeding on dung.

stercoral pocket (ARTHRO: Chelicerata) A dilated portion of the proctodeum of certain spiders in which fecal matter and excreta temporarily accumulate.

stereoblastula n. [Gr. stereos, solid; blastos, bud] An early, solid blastula larva, all of whose cells reach the external surface.

stereogastrula n. [Gr. stereos, solid; gaster, stomach] A general term for solid metazoan larvae.

stereoisomer n. [Gr. stereos, solid; isos, equal; meros, part] Different three-dimensional configurations of organic molecules that have different light rotational properties.

stereokinesis n. [Gr. stereos, solid; kinesis, movement] A reflex sensitivity inhibition due to passive contact stimuli; thigmotaxis.

stereom(e) n. [Gr. stereos, solid] 1. The rigid material of the invertebrate skeleton. 2. (BRYO: Stenolaemata) The extra-zooidal skeletal deposits, additions to structural skeleton, or to the vesicle roof skeleton.

stereotaxis n.; pl. -taxes [Gr. stereos, solid; taxis, arrangement] The directive response of an organism to contact with solids; thigmotaxis. a. Positive stereotaxis: toward the contact. b. Negative stereotaxis: away from the contact. stereotactic a.

stereotropism n. [Gr. stereos, solid; tropos, turn] A movement in direction determined by contact with a solid body. a. Positive stereotropism: toward contact. b. Negative stereotropism: away from contact. stereotropic a.

sterile a. [L. sterilis, unfruitful] Incapable of producing viable gametes.

sterilization n. [L. sterilis, unfruitful] 1. Rendering an animal incapable of reproduction. 2. Rendering a substrate free of organisms.

sterinx n. [Gr. sterinx, support] (ARTHRO: Crustacea) In Ostra-coda, one of a pair of connecting pieces lateral to the tropis in the male copulatory apparatus.

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