Sympatric a

symphile n. [Gr. syn, together; philein, to love] (ARTHRO: In-secta) A symbiont that is accepted by a host colony as a member of their group and is licked, fed, protected, transported or even reared with the host's own larvae; a true guest.

symphily n. [Gr. syn, together; philein, to love] (ARTHRO: In-secta) In Hymenoptera, the relationship of ants and their nest guests, that abide with them, with mutual benefit or fondness; commensalism. symphilic, symphilous a.

symphynote a. [Gr. symphysis, junction, seam; notos, back] (MOLL: Bivalvia) Having the valves firmly fixed or soldered at the hinge.

symphysis n. [Gr. symphysis, junction, seam] A union between two parts.

symplesiomorphy n. [Gr. syn, together; plesios, near; mor-phe, form] Shared primitive homologous character states; normally used in cladistic taxonomy. see plesiomorphy.

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