Sympod sympodite see protopod

symptomatology n. [Gr. symptoma, anything that has befallen one; logos, discourse] A branch of medical science concerned with symptoms of diseases.

synanthropism n. [Gr. syn, together; anthropos, man] The propensity of an organism to live in or around human dwellings.

synapomorphy n. [Gr. syn, together; apo, separate; morphe, form] The sharing of derived characters by several species. see plesiomorphy.

synapse, synaptic junction, neurosynapse The central mechanism of intercommunication of nerve impulses passing from neuron to neuron. synaptic a.

synapsis n.; pl. -ses [Gr. synapsis, union] The intimate conjunction of homologous chromosomes that occurs during the prophase of the meiotic division.

synaptene n. [Gr. synapsis, union] The zygotene of meiosis.

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