Syringe see salivary pump

syringium n. [Gr. syrinx, pipe] (ARTHRO: Insecta) 1. The salivary pump in Hemiptera. 2. An organ for ejecting disagreeable fluids in some insect larvae.

systematics [Gr. syn, together; histani, to place] Taxonomy.

systematist n. [Gr. syn, together; histani, to place] A student of taxonomy.

systole n. [Gr. systole, contraction] The contraction of any contractile cavity, i.e., the heart. systolic a. see diastole.

syzygy n.; pl. syzygies [Gr. syzygos, united] 1. The combining of organs without loss of identity. 2. (ECHINOD: Cri-noidea) Having each nodal columnal closely and rigidly jointed to the internodal columnal below it by short elastic fibers, and as such lacking flexibility.

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