tabula n.; pl. -ae [L. tabula, table] 1. (CNID: Anthozoa) Horizontal partitions across the vertical canals of corals. 2. (ECHINOD: Asteroidea) A flat elevated dorsal plate of sea stars.

tabular a. [L. tabula, table] Arranged in a flat surface.

tachyauxesis n. [Gr. tachys, quick; auxesis, growth] Rapid growth; a part or structure that grows at a quicker rate than the organism as a whole. see bradyauxesis, isauxe-sis.

tachyblastic a. [Gr. tachys, quick; blastos, bud] Referring to thin shelled eggs that begin cleavage immediately after oviposition and develop quickly; summer egg. see opsib-lastic.

tachygen n. [Gr. tachys, quick; gennaein, to produce] An evolutionary structure of abrupt origination.

tachygenesis n. [Gr. tachys, quick; genesis, beginning] The shortening or acceleration of embryonic development by omitting one or more developmental stages. see brady-genesis.

tachytelic a. [Gr. tachys, quick; telos, completion] Evolution at a faster rate than usual. see horotelic.

-tactic a. [Gr. taktikos, comb. form] Used in adjectives formed from nouns ending in -taxis.

tactile a. [L. tactus, touch] Pertaining to the organs of the sense of touch.

tactile combs (CNID: Hydrozoa) Patches of long stiff hairs on the bell margin of hydromedusae.

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