Tailfan see caudal fan

tail valve (MOLL: Polyplacophora) The posterior valve.

Takakura's duct (NEMER:Enopla) In Carcinonemertidae, a common efferent canal in the male reproductive system that links the testes and discharges into the intestine near the anus.

talon n. [L. talus, heel] Shaped like a claw; unguiculate.

talus n. [L. talus, heel] (ARTHRO: Insecta) The juncture of the tibia and tarsus.

tandem a. [L. tandem, at length] One behind the other; two connected or attached together.

tangent a. [L. tangere, to touch] Touching; coming together at a single point.

tangoreceptor n. [L. tangere, to touch; receptor, receiver] A simple tactile sense organ, consisting of one sense cell.

tanylobous a. [Gr. tanaos, stretched; lobos, lobe] (ANN: Oli-gochaeta) Pertaining to the tongue of the prostomium extending through segment i to the groove between segments i and ii, dividing the peristomium dorsally. see epilobous, prolobous, zygolobous.

tapetum n. [L. tapete, carpet] 1. A reflecting surface within an eye. 2. (ARTHRO: Insecta) A light reflecting surface within clear-zone eyes, formed by tracheae that run through the eye parallel with the ommatidia forming a layer around each one, and reflecting the light back into the ommatidia. tapetal a.

tapinoma-odor (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Hymenoptera, a rancid butter smell secreted from the anal glands of some ants of the Dolichoderinae.

Tardigrada, tardigrades n.; n.pl. [L. tardus, slow; gradus, step] A phylum of small, multicellular coelomates, commonly called water bears, or bear animaecules due to a lumbering, bearlike gait.

tarsal a. [Gr. tarsos, sole of foot] Pertaining to the foot or tarsus.

tarsal claw (ARTHRO) A claw at the apex of the tarsus; unguis.

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