Tarsal pulvillus see euplantula

tarsation n. [Gr. tarsos, sole of foot] (ARTHRO: Insecta) Communication by touching with the tarsi.

tarsomere, tarsite [Gr. tarsos, sole of foot] (ARTHRO) A subdivision or segment of the tarsus.

tarsungulus n. [Gr. tarsos, sole of foot; L. dim. unguis, claw]

(ARTHRO: Insecta) The fused tarsal segment and claw of many coleopteran larvae.

tarsus n. [Gr. tarsos, sole of foot] 1. The foot. 2. (ARTHRO) The most distal part of the leg, immediately beyond the tibia, usually subdivided into two to five segments, bearing the claws and pulvilli.

taste bud (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Lepidoptera, specialized taste cells located on the tarsi.

tautonym n. [Gr. tautos, the same; onyma, name] In the binomial system, the same name given to a genus and one of its species or subspecies.

taxis n.; pl. taxes [Gr. taxis, arrangement] Movement of a motile animal in response to a source of stimulation. a. Positive taxis : toward the stimulus. b. Negative taxis : Away from the stimulus.

taxodont a. [Gr. taxis, arrangement; odon, tooth] (MOLL: Bi-valvia) With many short interlocking teeth, some or all transverse to the hinge margin; similar to prionodont.

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