Taxometrics see numerical taxonomy

taxon n.; pl. taxa [Gr. taxis, arrangement] Any taxonomic group sufficiently distinct to merit being distinguished by name, i.e., phylum, class, order, etc.

taxon cycle A cycle of expansion and contraction of the geographic range and population density of a species or higher taxonomic category.

taxonomic a. [Gr. taxis, arrangement; nomos, law] Pertaining to the classification of organisms.

taxonomist n. [Gr. taxis, arrangement; nomos, law] One who studies the theory and practice of classifying organisms.

taxonomy n. [Gr. taxis, arrangement; nomos, law] The study of the theory, procedure, and rules of classification of organisms, based on similarities and differences. see classical taxonomy, cytotaxonomy, numerical taxonomy, experimental taxonomy, classification, systematics.

tectiform a. [L. tectum, roof; forma, shape] Roof-like; sloping.

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