Tenaculum see retinaculum

tenent a. [L. tenere, to hold] Adapted for clinging, i.e., hairs.

teneral a. [L. tener, soft] (ARTHRO) A term applied to any newly emerged soft-bodied individual; callow worker.

tensor a. [L. tendere, to stretch] A muscle that stretches a part of a body or renders it of use.

tentacle n. [L. tentaculum, feeler] Any elongate flexible appendage usually near the mouth. tentacular a.

tentacle crown (bryo) Tentacles expanded into an external position as for feeding.

tentacle sheath (bryo) That part of the body wall that supports and encloses the tentacles when everted and retracted.

tentacular atrium (BRYO) A cavity inside the tentacle sheath, with tentacles retracted.

tentacular bulb (CNID) Swelling at the base of a medusoid tentacle that serves primarily in digestion and manufacture of nematocysts and sometimes bears an ocellus or other sensory structure; ocellar bulb.

tentacular cirrus (ANN: Polychaeta) Sensory projection(s) of the peristomium or cephalized segment.

tentacular club (MOLL: Cephalopoda) A terminal suckered pad, comprised of carpus, manus and dactylus.

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