Tergal valves see cercus

tergite n. [L. tergum, back] (ARTHRO) A dorsal sclerite of a segment.

tergolateral margin (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Cirripedia, in those possessing upper laterals, the angular edge of the scutum.

tergopleural a. [L. tergum, back; pleuron, side] Referring to the upper and lateral portion of a segment.

tergopore n. [L. tergum, back; porus, pore] (BRYO: Stenolae-mata) In Tubuliporina, a type of kenozooecium on the back side of a colony, having a polygonal aperture.

tergum n.; pl. terga [L. tergum, back] (ARTHRO) The dorsal surface of any body segment.

termen n. [L. terminus, boundary] (ARTHRO: Insecta) The outer, or distal margin of the wing.

terminal a. [L. terminus, boundary, end] At the end; forming the end of a series or part; at the extreme end.

terminal anecdysis When maximum size is reached, no more ecdyses occur. see anecdysis.

terminal arborizations Branching fibrils ending the axon and collateral ends. see telodendria.

terminal cirri (ARTHRO: Crustacea) In Ascothoracica, cirri located at the posterior end of the thorax, except for first pair.

terminal claw spines (ARTHRO: Crustacea) In Cladocera, toothlike projection, varying in size, at the concave end of the postabdomen.

terminal filament (ARTHRO: Insecta) A cellular end thread of the female ovariole that forms a common thread uniting with that from the ovary of the opposite side.

terminal diaphragm (BRYO: Stenolaemata) A membranous or calcified diaphragm that separates the body cavity from the environment.

terminalia n.pl. [L. terminus, boundary, end] Collectively, any terminal part or structure.

termitarium n.; pl. -ia [L. termes, woodworm] (ARTHRO: Insecta) An elaborate nest wherein a colony of termites live.

termitophile n. [L. termes, woodworm; philos, loving] A sym-biont of termites.

terranes n.pl. [L. terra, earth] Fragments of former continents that make up the present day continents.

terrestrial a. [L. terrestris, of the earth] Belong to or living on the ground or earth; opposed to aquatic and arboreal.

terricolous a. [L. terra, earth; colare, to inhabit] Soil inhabiting.

territory n. [L. territorium, domain] An area defended by an animal against other members of its own or other species.

tertiary a. [L. tertius, third] Third in degree of standing in classification.

tertiary parasite A parasite of a hyperparasite.

tertiary reproductive (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Isoptera, an er-gatoid reproductive; a third-form reproductive.

tertibrach n. [L. tertius, third; brachium, upper arm] (ECHI-NOD: Crinoidea) Any ray plate of the third branchitaxis; palmars. tertibrachial a. see postpalmars.

tessellate a. [L. tessellatus, mosaic] Marked or colored in the pattern of squares, or oblong areas; checkerboard-like.

test n. [L. testa, a shell] A rigid external covering or supporting structure.

testaceology n. [L. testa, shell; logos, discourse] The study of shells; conchology.

testaceous a. [L. testaceus, covered with a shell] Bearing a test or hard covering; of the nature of a shell. see con-

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