Testcross see backcross

testis n.; pl. testes [L. testis, testicle] That portion of the male reproductive system producing spermatozoa; a sper-mary.

testisac n. [L. testis; testicle; saccus, sac] (ANN: Hirudinoidea) The testis sac.

testis sac (ANN: Oligochaeta) A membranous sac around the testis, seminal vesicle and the funnel to the vas deferens.

testudinate a. [L. testudo, tortoise] In the form of the shell of a tortoise; arched; vaulted.

tetanus, tetany n. [Gr. tetanos, stiffness] State of contraction of a muscle caused by continuous stimulation either natural or electrical.

tetracerous, tetracerate a. [Gr. tetra, four; keras, horn] Having four horns.

tetraclad n. [Gr. tetra, four; klados, branch] (PORIF) A megas-clere desma with rays bearing terminal couplings, or based on a calthrops, or both; tetraclone .

tetracladine, tetracrepid (PORIF) A tetraxonid desma.

tetracotyle n. [Gr. tetra, four; kotyle, cup-shaped] (PLATY: Tre-matoda) A metacercaria in the family Strigeidae.

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