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thylacium n. [Gr. thylax, sack] (ARTHRO: Insecta) An external gall-like cyst in the abdomen of the host containing the Dryinidae parasitic larva.

thylacogen n. [Gr. thylax, sack; genes, producing] A chemical produced by parasites that cause hypertrophy of host tissue.

thyridium n; pl. -ia [Gr. dim. thyris, window] (ARTHRO: In-secta) 1. A small whitish spot in the wings of Neuroptera, Hymenoptera and Trichoptera. 2. In ichneumonid Hymen-optera, a scar-like area on each side of the second abdominal tergite, between the middle and base; the third tergite rarely may have tyridia. thyridial a.

thyroid n. [Gr. thyra, oblong shield] (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Diptera, a shield-shaped plate on the posterior wall of the beak.

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