Timbal see tymbal

tinctorial a. [L. tenctorius, of dyeing] Of or pertaining to color, i.e., staining.

tine n. [A.S. tind, spike] Any slender, pointed, projecting part.

tissue n. [F. tissu, tissue] A layer or group of cells of a particular type, or at most a few types, with intercellular material of essentially a particular type.

tissue culture Tissues appropriated from animals and maintained or grown in vitro for more than 24 hours.

titillae n.pl.; sing. titilla [L. titillo, tickle] (NEMATA) Small projections on the distal part of the protrusile gubernaculum.

titillator n. [L. titillo, tickle] (ARTHRO: Insecta) A terminal, small process (spines or small plates) at the distal extremity of the aedeagus.

tocopherol n. [Gr. tokos, birth; pherein, to carry] Vitamin E.

tocospermal a. [Gr. tokos, birth; sperma, seed] Direct transfer of sperm between male and female.

tocospermia n. [Gr. tokos, birth; sperma, seed] 1. (ARTHRO: Chelicerata) A type of sperm transfer by the male chelicera (gonopod), to the female vagina. see podospermia. 2. (MOLL: Cephalopoda) The direct transfer of spermatophores to the female vagina by the male gonopod.

tocostome, tokostome n. [Gr. tokos, birth; stoma, mouth] (ARTHRO: Chelicerata) In Acari, the female genital aperture.

tomentum n. [L. tomentum, stuffing of wool] Covered with closely matted scale-like hair or spines on the body or appendages that cannot be separated; downy. tomentose a.

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