Tone see tonus

tonic muscle (MOLL: Bivalvia) White, opalescent part of the adductor muscle that reacts slowly, but can hold for long periods of time; catch muscle.

tonofibrillae [Gr. tonos, stretching; L. dim. fibra, fiber] Fine connective fibrils extending from the ends of the skeletal muscles into the cuticle.

tonus, tone n. [Gr. tonos, stretching] 1. The normal, maintained nerve impulse traffic. 2. The normal prolonged steady contracture of muscle fibers. tonic a.

topochemical sense The sense of smell.

topogamodeme n. [Gr. topos, place; gamos, marriage; demos, the people] Individuals inhabiting a particular geographic locality that form a deme.

topomorph n. [Gr. topos, place; morphe, form] An environmental morphologic variant. topomorphic a.

toponym n. [Gr. topos, place; onoma, name] The name of a location thought to be the place of origin of a plant or animal.

topotype n. [Gr. topos, place; typos, type] A specimen collected at the original type-locality.

tori pl. of torus torma n.; pl. -mae [Gr. tormos, socket] (ARTHRO: Insecta) 1. In Diptera, sclerotic processes between the labrum and clypeus. 2. In Scarabaeoidae larvae, heavily chitinized structures on the ends of the clypeo-lateral suture that extend toward the mesal line, sometimes meeting and fusing on the mesal line.

tormogen n. [Gr. tormos, socket; genes, producing] (ARTHRO: Insecta) An epidermal cell associated with a seta that secretes the cuticle of the socket and bounds the receptor lymph cavity.

tornote n. [L. tornatus, rounded with a lathe] (PORIF) A diacti-nal monaxon, lance-headed at each end.

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