Trichoid sensilla see sensillum trichodeum

trichomes, trichodes [Gr. thrix, hair] 1. (ARTHRO: In-secta) Modified tufts or hair on certain myrmecophilous and non-myrmecophilous insects that aid in the dissemination of appeasement or pheromone substances. 2. (ARTHRO: Diplopoda) Hollow spines or setae of the bristly millipedes.

trichophore n. [Gr. thrix, hair; pherein, to bear] (ANN) A saclike structure or cavity from which setae emerge.

trichopore n. [Gr. thrix, hair; poros, channel] (ARTHRO: In-secta) A pore in the cuticle through which a sensory hair or bristle is formed.

trichosors [Gr. thrix, hair] (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Neurop-tera, thickenings of the wing margin bearing several hairs; a single trichosor between each pair of vein-endings in adults.

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