Tricolumella see columella

tricostate a. [Gr. treis, three; costa, rib] Having three ribs or ridges.

tricrepid a. [Gr. treis, three; krepis, base] (PORIF) A triaxonid desma.

tricuspid, tricuspidate a. [Gr. treis, three; cuspis, a point] Divided into three cusps or points.

tridactyl a. [Gr. treis, three; daktylos, finger] (ARTHRO) Per taining to an appendage, ambulacrum, or claw with three ungues. see monodactyl, bidactyl.

trident a. [L. tres, three; dens, tooth] Having three teeth; three-pronged. tridentate a.

trifid a. [L. tres, three; findere, to split] Having three clefts, parts, or branches.

trifid nerve (BRYO) A three-branched peripheral motor nerve connected to the retractor muscle, esophagus, and along the tentacle sheath to the direct nerve.

trifurcate a. [L. tres, three; furca, fork] Having three branches or forks; trichotomous.

triglycerides [Gr. treis, three; glykys, sweet] Esters of fatty acids with glycerin that form fats and oils.

trignathan a. [Gr. treis, three; gnathion, jaw] (ARTHRO) Having mandibles and two pair of maxillae, such as Chilopoda, Symphyla and Insecta. see dignathan.

trigonal a. [Gr. treis, three; gonia, angle] Pertaining to, or in the form of a triangle.

trigoneutism n. [Gr. treis, three; gonos, offspring] The production of three broods in one season.

trilabiate a. [L. tres, three; labium, lip] Having three lips.

trilateral a. [L. tres, three; latus, side] Three-sided.

trilobate a. [Gr. treis, three; lobos, lobe] Bearing three lobes.

trilocular a. [L. tres, three; loculus, small place] With three cavities or cells.

trimorphic a. [Gr. treis, three; morphe, form] Having three distinct forms in one individual, as certain hydrozoan colonies. trimorphism n.

Trinominal nomenclature An extension of the binominal system of nomenclature consisting of three words: the generic name, the specific name, and the subspecific name, together constituting the scientific name of a subspecies.

triordinal crochets (ARTHRO: Insecta) Crochets of larvae with proximal ends in a single row, but distal ends of three alternating lengths. see ordinal.

tripartite a. [L. tres, three; partitus, divided] Divided into three parts, divisions or segments.

tripectinate a. [L. tres, three; pecten, comb] Having three rows of comb-like branches.

triplet n. [L. tres, three; plus, more] Three successive nucleo-tide base pairs that code for an amino acid.

triploblastic a. [Gr. triploos, threefold; blastos, bud] Derived from three embryonic germinal layers: ectoderm, endo-derm and mesoderm.

triploid a. [Gr. triploos, threefold] A cell or individual having three haploid chromosome sets in their nuclei; a form of polyploidy.

triquetral, triquetrous a. [L. triquetrus, three sided] Having three angles or arms; triangular in section.

triradiate(s) a. [L. tres, three; radius, spoke of wheel] 1. Having three radiating process. 2. (PORIF) Spicules having the three rays somewhat in the same plane. see sagittal triradiates.

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